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Conversations that change the game! Build CONFIDENCE, INTEREST and KNOWLEDGE in male-dominated industries.

Book a live video call with working women in professions you’re curious about - and get your burning career questions answered.

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We can help you discover opportunities you never even knew existed. Browse our huge range of roles and industries - and get to know the women who work within them.

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What people are saying

UNIQ YOU has helped countless girls in grades 9-12 understand what roles and careers look like in the real world. Here’s what just a few of them have to say.
“UNIQ You shows girls anything is possible. It gives them someone to talk to when they may be questioning their choices or to bounce ideas off when considering options.”
- Kerry - Civil Engineer
“Students need to be able to relate to a role, which means relating to a person in that role. Girls in particular need to see that there is a pathway, that there are women already there.”
- Rebecca - Guidance Officer
“I feel like I have so many more career options to explore now that I’ve spoken to these women!”
- Jess - Grade 10 student