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Stephanie Castaldo

from Sports and Recretion to Apprentice Carpenter
I complete carpentry work on commercial buildings.
Construction and infrastructure
Hutchinson Builders
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Ask me about

  • How mainstream school was not for me
  • Thinking that the Sports Industry was for me
  • Developing my interest of building things into a career
  • Trialling carpentry by doing a pre-apprenticeship

About me

I left “mainstream school” at the end of Year 10 because I knew I wasn’t going to do well in my exams and get a good ATAR. I could never sit still or concentrate very well and was easily distracted. I moved to a sports school for Netball, to complete my Year 11 and 12 in VCAL and completed my VET Certificates 2 & 3 in Sports and Recreation.

After I finished school I completed a Diploma of Sports Development. During my time doing the Diploma I realised that I did not want a career in the Sports Industry anymore. I always had an interest in carpentry and building things with my dad as a kid in the garage, so I thought about doing a carpentry apprenticeship. I started off by doing a Pre Apprenticeship to see if it was something I wanted to do. I loved it and realised I wanted to be in the Construction Industry.

After completing my Pre Apprenticeship I had an interview with Hutchinson Builders. I then started my Carpentry Apprenticeship with them and have loved my job ever since.

About my role

  • Confident
  • Humorous
  • Independent
  • Observant
  • Sociable

Carpentry involves a variety of different aspects, involving both timber and steel products. There are a few different types of areas of carpentry; residential, commercial and industrial.

Daily tasks include formwork, cladding, timber seating, timber flooring, window sills, timber door jambs and marking out doors and fitting off door hardware.

An Apprentice Carpenter works very closely with qualified Carpenters to develop and improve their skills and techniques in the trade. While gaining independence and problem solving skills to attack projects on their own. Carpenters interact and work with many different people onsite including Site Managers, Foreman and subcontractors. They communicate with them to identify possible issues onsite, while also recognising and isolating safety issues.

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  • Certificate 2 in Building and Construction Pre-Apprenticeship
  • Diploma of Sport Development
  • Certificate 2 & 3 in Sport and Recreation


  • General Mathematics (Maths A)
  • Physical Education


  • Year 9 Parents & Friends Association Community Service Bursary Award
  • Outstanding Student Achievement Award


  • Beach adventures
  • Camping
  • Gym
  • Netball
  • Seeing family and friends


  • 2 Dog

15 year old me!!

“Not everyone is good at the same things. Keep going you just haven’t found what you’re good at yet, you will. ”

My career journey

Curious to know how I got here? Here’s a snapshot of my career pathway.
  1. Left “mainstream school” at the end of Year 10
  2. Moved to a sports school for Year 11&12
  3. Completed Diploma of Sport Development
  4. Completed a Pre-Apprenticeship in Carpentry
  5. Started Carpentry Apprenticeship

My employer

Hutchies has been building the structures in which Australians live, work, study, shop and play since 1912. As Australia's largest privately owned construction company, our business capability allows us to build not just in big cities but also in the most remote regions of Australia and across multiple sectors including: commercial and residential high-rise, health, education, retail, and aged care – just to name a few. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible value, ensuring buildability without compromising quality or design. Hutchies was born as a family business, and we’ve held on to the same core values for 110 years; investing in relationships, taking care of the community, and giving our people the knowledge, skills, and tools, they need to grow and develop and delight our clients through their work.