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Construction and infrastructure

The construction industry comprises multiple professions that craft the operations of construction businesses. These are made up of project management, construction management, commercial and corporate roles, trades, environmental, safety, machinery operations, engineering and design. This vast array of sectors requires people who are creative, innovative and forward thinking, encompassing plans for a dynamic industry.

About the industry

A job in the construction sector is fundamental for building the foundations of society. This industry is focused on the construction, demolition, renovation and maintenance or repair of building and infrastructure. These components require the important building blocks from planning and surveying to structural construction and finishing the final details such as painting and interior decorating.

The Construction and infrastructure industry needs...


... to encourage innovation and best practice work design within the industry.


... to ensure projects are delivered on time and in budget.


... to build and maintain meaningful relationships with clients and stakeholders to drive a positive project outcomes.


... to maintain accurate project documentation to meet their compliance responsibilities.

Expectation vs Reality

  • vs

    Too much lifting

    A Myth we hear about the industry is that women aren’t strong enough to be in construction. There is too much heavy lifting

    There are a diverse range of roles

    In reality, the industry is for anyone and everyone! There are 77 different roles in construction from design to construction through to maintenance.

What positive impact does the construction industry have on the world?

Construction is fundamentally about people. We create the structures in which people live, work, study, and play; From public green spaces to libraries, courthouses, residential aged care facilities, retail and education. Relationships are everything. The construction industry offers opportunities for skills growth and employment opportunities for our young people, first nations people, women and the wider community.

Our construction and infrastructure partners