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Technical Writer

A technical writer, belongs to the product development department that builds software. The content written forms part of the product that gets sold. Some of the documentation technical writer’s work on is for users of the applications, some is for developers who build extra functionality that integrates with the apps and some is for people…

Social Perfomance & Continuous Improvement Manager

The role of Logistics/Social Performance & CI Manager involves organising the delivery of freight nationally and internationally, coordinating customs documentation and transport moves whilst ensuring all parties have the correct information to collect the cargo from ports around Australia.  This position also assists with special freight projects, for example, the delivery of 4 x C-ASC…

Rail Operations Manager

I liaise daily between all different departments (customers, senior management, safety, compliance, planning etc) on the day-to-day Operations and on-going projects to do with the Train Services in North Queensland. You have to be a bit of a “jack” for this role (Jack of all trades).

Contract Administrator

The role of a Contract Administrator involves reviewing contractor scope of works and quotes. Managing the payment of those sub-contractors throughout the life of the project and approving contract variations where they occur. There is an expectation that CA’s work closely with their Project Manager and site team to ensure all sub-contractors are working in…