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Energy, gas and oil

Renewable Energy & Infrastructure Project Manager

I manage the construction and delivery of renewable energy solutions for customers all over Australia
  • Calm
  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • Focused

About this role

  • Problem-solving
  • Project management
  • Teamwork

The project manager is the key person for driving a project from start to finish, managing stakeholder/customer engagement and ensuring that the project stays within budget and is completed on time. Project managers handle the “project life cycle”.

This includes the following stages:

  1. Initiating: Before the project commences, the project manager defines the main objectives, purpose, and scope, shared expectations, and determines how to move the project forward.
  2. Planning: Project managers work with stakeholders to create a project plan. Scope, cost, timelines, and risk are all defined. This is not set in stone; it is an evolving plan that doesn’t end until the project does.
  3. Executing: This is the phase where the team executes the work defined in the project plan.
  4. Monitoring: This phase begins at the beginning of the project and continues until closing. During this phase, a project manager monitors project progress and the budget, as well as making sure key milestones are reached, and compares performance against the plan.
  5. Closing: Reviewing work that is completed and formally signing off on the project.


  • Prefer not to disclose

Working Environment

  • Construction site
  • Flexible
  • Home office


  • Diverse working environments
  • Flexible working options
  • Professional development