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Mining and Resources

Across the world, countries in all corners of the globe depend on the very thing that is just waiting beneath the surface of the planet.

About the industry

For centuries, the vast wealth of resources have depended on the likes of humanity to uncover these gems and launch entire civilisations into new eras.

Australia’s mining industry is a pillar of our economic growth and stability, contributing to being a leader and one of the world's largest exporters of coal, iron ore, bauxite, alumina, and many other resources. The mining industry is a diverse, interesting environmentment, consisting of the discovery, valuation, development, exploitation, processing, and marketing of useful minerals or precious metals. This powerhouse industry combines a variety of skills and knowledge that can be applied to various facets and careers offered in design, maintenance, engineering, law, and management.

The Mining and Resources industry needs...

Movers find intelligent solutions and solve complex challenges to deliver maximum value for our customers.

Planners use attention to detail and organisation when striving achieving outcomes in a set period of time.

Connectors foster industry relationships, bring new ideas together and build solid networks to operate within.

Thinkers deliver out of the box thinking and solutions that will sustain and develop the mining industry for years to come

Expectation vs Reality

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    Mining just involves digging dirt

    Many believe that a job in mining is just digging and dirt

    There are many areas involved in Mining

    There are many aspects to this industry these include mining ore, coal and rocks in an underground setting. Design and build supportive entryways for transportation to and from the mines. Operate explosives to break up large groups of ore and rocks. Drive underground mining equipment to transport resources from one location to another.
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    Mining involves dangerous underground tasks

    Mining is a dangerous job, with many task requiring underground work.

    Australian Mines are the safest in the world

    In the past 20 years, Australian underground mines have become some of the safest most productive mines in the world and are now seen as the world’s best practice

What positive impact does the mining industry have on the world?

The heart of mining is literally at the centre of the universe, powering the way society functions and operates effectively. Most importantly, mining is a source of mineral commodities that all countries find essential for maintaining and improving their standards of living. With you leading the change and fostering opportunity, many around the world can enjoy the things we take for granted, such as roads, essential buildings, and power to satellites.

Our mining and resources partners