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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Avionics

In this role, you fix, service and modify all aircraft electrical wiring, aircraft mission systems and anything electrical that makes the aircraft fly! You work with engineers in an office who work at designing aircraft systems, ensuring the safety of the aircraft behind the scenes.

Construction Project Manager

Each year, this role is given a portfolio of projects to manage. These projects are really diverse – building pipelines, changing valves, installing hydraulic diesel pumps and generators, restoring heritage listed houses, building recreation areas, restoring eroded riverbanks, demolishing water treatment plants as well as designing a water themed exhibition for the Queensland Museum. You…

Commercial Planner

In order to fulfil the functions of this role, you engage various contractors to carry out works such as design, construction and commissioning. Some of the construction works include civil, electrical and mechanical works. A Commercial Planner’s role is to seek out appropriate contractors to carry out these specific works. This is done by inviting…