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Advisor Insights from our O-Week calls in Term 2

While the girls and their educators are usually our focus in campaigns, during O-Week we were keen to hear how our Advisors found the experience and what insights they had about the next generation of young talent.

A few weeks ago we were excited to launch our first O-Week for Grade 9-12 girls across Queensland to experience the powerful conversations UNIQ You’s service offers when it connects them with inspirational women serving as positive role models.

While the girls and their educators are usually our focus in campaigns like this, we were keen to hear about how our Advisors found the experience and what insights they could provide about the next generation of young talent.

Annabel @ Urban Utilities”

“My main takeaway so far has been that there is a general understanding of what ‘engineering’ is – but because there are so many disciplines/types of engineers that there is often a lot of misconceptions. So it was good to be able to sit down and chat through what all the different types of engineering look like.

The girls become quite enthused once they realise that some of the fundamentals of engineering is just solving problems and brainstorm solutions with other engineers, this seems to appeal to them, especially as the problem solving can be done in so many fields; water, buildings, medical equipment, robots etc. “

Cehrin @ Skedulo

“The girls were very curious and focused to know how I carved a path forward to becoming a Solution Consultant and how my degree (totally non-related) has helped me in my career. Their questions were on-point and our conversations were very natural.”

Allison @ Origin

“My student was well prepared with great questions and seemed to have had done some prior research or had prior understanding around the role. She was interested in the future of renewable energy as well as hearing about the day to day, challenges and opportunities associated with my role.”

And as it turns out, it’s not just the girls being impacted by the opportunity to connect!!

Darcy @ BMD

“Being a UNIQ You advisor is such a rewarding feeling.  I felt like I was giving the advice I never received when I was younger and the students were truly inspirational to talk to – motivated, intelligent, enthusiastic and interested in breaking barriers as young women.”  

Cehrin @ Skedulo

“I had my first ever call with the girls during the O-Week, to be honest, I was initially nervous as to how the call was going to go, but then the girls were so engaging and asked me so many valid and interesting questions which really got the interaction going on the right track and my nervousness disappeared within minutes of being in the call.

Annabel @ Urban Utilities

“The conversations excite me – the next generation have a keen eye on sustainability and efficiency as well as equality. These are elements that engineers often problem solve with, so once girls realise how their passion for solving problems or designing solutions aligns its really impowering for both them and for me. I may even get to work with some of these girls in the future – which is something I’m definitely looking forward to!”

If you’re a student, educator, parent or inspirational woman who would like to find out more about UNIQ You contact us.