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Momentum builds as UNIQ YOU strives for improved workplace gender equality

Read the full press release below.

Shell’s QGC business is the latest organisation to provide its support to UNIQ YOU, as the Queensland-based not-for-profit continues its program of actions aimed at increasing the number of high-school girls considering careers in industries where women are under-represented.

UNIQ YOU’s new virtual platform aims to connect high school girls and their career officers with female advisors working in industries and roles where women are currently underrepresented, with the goal of facilitating 600 sessions in one year.

Shell’s QGC business general manager of technical Katie Whittle said she looked forward to collaborating with UNIQ YOU to increase awareness around the opportunity and diversity that a career in the energy industry, and STEM in particular, provides young women.

“Shell’s QGC business has a history of investing in STEM pathways and a network of women wanting to act as role models to drive further gender equity, both within our organisation and more broadly.”

Sarah Pearson is proudly supporting UNIQ YOU with her extensive experience in STEM and innovation. As one of UNIQ YOU’s advisory board members, she truly believes that “the sustainability and growth of our high value economy, maintenance of our high standard of living and the ability to develop products and services for global markets is reliant on diversity and inclusivity”. 

“UNIQ YOU is an exciting new approach that addresses this by making these opportunities real to young people”. 

“As a not-for-profit developed for action, UNIQ YOU has identified a problem and is using creative, 21st century relevant solutions to solve it. Our next generation of young girls can’t be what they can’t see and with ongoing support, a better, brighter, inclusive future for all can be ignited.”