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Wonder Women in TMR


Hey there! At the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), we’re all about celebrating awesome women who are making a real difference at work and in our communities. That’s why we host our annual Wonder Women event. It’s our way of shining a spotlight on the incredible ladies who go above and beyond every day.

During Queensland Women’s Week and International Women’s Day, we held our 5th Wonder Women event. We honoured women in our workplace who are making positive impacts, especially those in divisions like Infrastructure Management Delivery (IMD), where there aren’t as many women (yet!). But you know what’s cool? This gives us a chance to boost the number of girls in these areas. The Wonder Women program is all about giving these women the recognition they deserve.

This year, one of the incredible women who won our Wonder Women award is Alyce Schlothauer (picture above). Alyce works to make sure our organisation is open, welcoming, and supportive of First Nations initiatives through delivering further economic and employment outcomes for First Nations people of Queensland. It’s pretty inspiring to see someone like Alyce making such a big difference!

TMR also has some awesome programs just for girls like you! They’re called “women in” programs, and they’re all about getting girls into jobs that aren’t usually seen as girls’ jobs, like engineering, construction, and maritime work. These programs are made especially for girls who want to try something different and break those old stereotypes.

These jobs come with lots of exciting challenges and chances to learn and grow. Imagine exploring new frontiers in science and technology or being a trailblazer in fields where guys usually dominate. That’s the kind of stuff you can do every day! So, if you’re up for an adventure and ready to make your mark in the world, these programs could be just the thing for you!