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Meet Senior Constable Lauren Gray from QPS


Senior Constable Lauren Gray’s career is a shining example of the opportunities for personal and professional growth for women within the Queensland Police Service (QPS). 

Having commenced her policing journey in 2018, Senior Constable Gray’s peers and superiors quickly recognised her confident, calm demeanour while on duty, strong work ethic and excellent interpersonal skills. These are valuable attributes for people considering a policing career, as they help build trust, respect and effective communication among colleagues and communities.

“I have always had a passion for problem solving and resolving issues and now I get to do that every day in different capacities,” said Senior Constable Gray. 

“Sometimes it’s just resolving an issue and mediating situations for members of the public and sometimes it’s solving minor to serious crimes. Whatever it is, I have a passion to work towards finding an outcome.

“I get to support the community in so many ways so I’m always meeting and engaging with a diverse range of people and getting to hear their stories.”

After completing just five years of service, Senior Constable Gray was offered a higher duties position as a Sergeant Shift Supervisor at two separate stations. 

Her colleagues, particularly younger women, have remarked that Gray’s career progression is an indicator that age, gender, and length of service are not barriers to progressing to leadership roles within the QPS. 

Before transferring to the Gold Coast District, Senior Constable Gray was stationed in Far North Queensland for 4.5 years. 

“Starting my career in Far North Queensland was by far the best opportunity that has been presented to me within my career because it allowed me to step outside my comfort zone,” she said of her regional policing experience.

“I was offered opportunities to work in places in the state that I otherwise would not have visited, which has allowed me to be exposed to a diverse range of cultures.

“I was able to meet and connect with the community members and learn their customs and traditions.

“From my time in Far North Queensland, effective communication is the best skill I acquired. I can recount many times throughout my career where it has benefited me and prevented an incident escalating.”

Senior Constable Gray was recognised for her exceptional qualities as a mentor and role model to her colleagues, irrespective of gender, and for contributing to and enhancing the recognition and empowerment of women in the workplace. 

For this, she was recently awarded the “Mentor of the Year” title at the 2024 International Women’s Day Awards for Emergency Services in Queensland. 

“Policing is such an empowering and challenging career for women. It can be so rewarding,” she said.

“There are so many different units to work in and opportunities for growth and development that any area of interest would be available to explore.”

Senior Constable Lauren Gray’s journey is just one example of the many people within the QPS who serve as mentors and role models, inspiring others in their own careers.
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