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Meet Lisa Frost from Queensland Police Service

For Lisa Frost, a Scenes of Crime officer in the Queensland Police Service, every day is a bit of an adventure. “I never know what my day will look like before I get to work”.

Before being a police officer, Lisa had a keen interest in law but also wanted to connect to the community in a meaningful way. For Lisa, policing appeared to present an opportunity to work in an industry also which offered career diversity, with a vast array of specialist areas that could be explored after completion of an initial frontline general duties phase, each supported by educational opportunities within the role. Lisa found this attractive as she stated “I am a naturally curious person so the opportunity to engage in life-long learning while actively participating in an exciting career, where no two shifts could be the same, seemed too good to turn down”.

During her policing service, Lisa has had the opportunity also to travel to various areas and is currently in Mackay, whilst making new friends and connections which is an added bonus. “I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing teams and share my adventures with people who have become treasured friends”.

When thinking about what Lisa would tell her 15 year old self about a career in policing, Lisa said “policing takes everyone out of their comfort zone eventually, be prepared to meet challenges and grow, have fun, learn the law and know your boundaries.”

If you have ever thought about a career in policing or have an interest in scenes of crime and what it offers, Lisa is there to help. Lisa is a UNIQ You advisor and you can view her full profile on our website here.