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Cadetship Program offers work and study opportunities


There are many ways to start a career at the Department of Transport and Main Roads, including through our cadetship program.

A TMR cadetship offers employment while paying for participants to complete their studies. 

This could look like full-time work and part-time study; or part-time work and full-time study, depending on the subject of your degree. 

Sankavi Thusyanthan (pictured) is one of TMR’s cadets, working in the RoadTek branch while studying a dual degree of a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Mathematics.

“As a cadet in my first year, my role on site is to learn how road construction works and all the aspects that come with it. For example, my time (so far) has been field-based and quite hands on with road construction,” she said. 

“I think this experience is important in order to understand the basics well and build stronger relationships with my co-workers. In the future, I will move onto learning the logistics of surveying, bridge management and eventually project management.”

You can find out more about cadetships and other entry pathways on the TMR website.