Schools Onboarding Materials

Your step by step video guide for a valuable, impactful experience

Welcome and congratulations on becoming one of many UNIQ YOU schools!

We are so grateful to have you on this journey, one that through a woman’s invaluable advice and guidance will empower girls to chart their own course. 

Below is a series of videos and documents that will ensure this is an awesome experience for both you and the girls. If you prefer to read, this information will be provided in a document available for download below. This document will contain the most recent information with updates as the company progresses.

We look forward to learning alongside you as we build our advisor capacity to empower young people around Australia, for knowledge is power.

We will cover...

Download the full onboarding document below

Video 1 - Crafting an Awesome Experience

This video will cover 

  • What the service is

  • What the service is not

  • How your school can best utilise this platform


Video 2- Preparing for the call

In this video we will take you through some key considerations that will make this a valuable experience. This video will cover 

  • How to prepare for the call 
  • Who is in the room for the call
  • What to expect from advisors 
  • Duty of care 
  • What to do if you have any concerns 
  •  Options for next steps 

Video 3 - How to have a 5 star video call

In this video we take you through the three steps to take before, during and after your web call to ensure you and the student gains the most from this experience.

Video 4- For the students

This video is designed for the students to introduce what UNIQ You is and what this amazing platform can do for their career advice and knowledge, demystifying the path ahead. 

Extra Helpful Resources and Important Documents

Contact Schools Coordinator:
Aimee Langton

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Aimee Langton, UNIQ YOU’s School Coordinator 

Aimee Langton

Schools Coordinator