A ground-breaking new virtual service bringing career advice for girls into the 21st Century

FRIDAY 27th AUGUST, 2021

We are now inviting QLD secondary schools to submit an expression of interest to engage with our new 21st Century career advice for girls program and platform.

The program is designed to:

  • Complement and add notable value to the SET planning process and post-school pathway selection
  • Empower girls to explore and consider new and unique opportunities in evolving industry landscapes

UNIQ YOU is proud to partner with industry-leading organisations in developing a platform that directly connects female students in Grades 9-12 with over 100 strong, female role models to provide personalised, powerful and real-world STEM and VET career pathway advice into some of the most male-dominated industries in Australia.

Our Foundational Partners

Through their support of UNIQ YOU the following partners have shown enormous commitment to the young women of Australia and their educators while recognising the important role their female staff play in inspiring and educating the next generation.


If you have any difficulty downloading the document please contact our Schools Coordinator Aimee Langton via email: aimee@uniqyou.com.au


UNIQ YOU is a groundbreaking service and online platform that directly connects high school girls and their Guidance and Career Officers with women in industries and roles currently under-represented by women for career pathway education and advice through cutting-edge technology tools.

Girls discover unique and interesting roles and pathways through the UNIQ YOU website and video content, featuring our partners' industry, company and female staff.

UNIQ YOU provide a thorough onboarding process for female staff (Advisors) to maximise their impact.

Career Officers book a 30 minute live UNIQ YOU video call with a Female Advisor for themselves and their student

Support from Educators

Official Tech Partner

Skedulo creates cloud-based software to allow any company in any industry to schedule, manage, engage, and analyse their deskless workforce. With offices in Australia, UK, USA and Vietnam, the company has been ranked number one in the G2 Field Service Management Relationship Index for 12 quarters in a row.

Engage Gen Z

UNIQ YOU has been designed with GenZ girls in mind. It works becuase it: 

  • Engages Gen Z earlier, during Grades 9-12
  • In a way that resonates with them through authentic, engaging 1:1 calls whereby the content is driven by them
  • Providing a breadth of real-time information by speaking with women working in these roles and industries right now
  • Seeks to understand the true barriers through Gen Z’s lens through regular feedback surveys

Educating Educators

UNIQ YOU’s method of engaging and informing educators is: 

  • Faster: Exponentially speeding up the education of each educator, attending 30+ calls each year across 10 industries and a variety of roles

  • More current: Real-world connection ensures information is relevant and up to date

  • More useful: Richer and more motivating insights than can be gleaned from traditional career information means.


A Scalable Solution

With over 9000 secondary schools across Australia and key industries still seeing only 1-5% gender diversity growth YOY, the secondary-school career pathway pipeline needs a significantly scalable model to increase the pace of change.

Regional/Remote Impact

Recent rapid technology adoption within both the education sector and wider industries has created the perfect opportunity to break down the geographic, socio-economic and cultural barriers that exist between girls and their access to a wide variety of inspiring, but under-represented role models.

Indigenous Engagement

UNIQ YOU is committed to the representation and inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women as well as culturally and linguistically diverse stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Insights from our Company Directors


The data captured through the interactive design of UNIQ YOU’s service provides schools and government rich, current and relevant insights into key barriers to entry facing young girls making key decisions about their career pathways.

It is anticipated over 10,000 pieces of qualitative and quantitative data will be gathered in the first year of operation.

With this data, schools, government and industry bodies are able to:


The large scale, accessibility and engagement UNIQ YOU will be able to achieve within the education sector and individual students provides an excellent opportunity to work collaboratively with existing ‘silo’ initiatives to act as a feeder-system into their activities.