SEQ Water’s UNIQ partnership inspires creative innovation

SEQ Water’s UNIQ partnership inspires creative innovation

UNIQ YOU and Seqwater’s shared belief that diverse thinking provides opportunities for creative innovation has brought them together in an exciting partnership for the development of a new virtual careers advisory service for high school girls.

It has been scientifically proven that a diverse workforce results in creative thinking and innovation, contributing largely to an organisation’s overall success. A recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that companies with higher-than-average diversity had 19% higher innovation revenues.

“We know that we will require innovative thinking to address future challenges and that a diverse workforce is instrumental to this. Building a talent pipeline of women in STEM is essential and a key focus of our diversity and inclusion strategy”.

In particular. Australia needs innovative, imaginative thinkers on the job and at the core of all STEM ecosystems. To gain a diverse balance, attracting more women is a necessary step forward in creating the right environment for thinking creatively and solving some of the world’s most complex issues.

UNIQ YOU CEO Tanya Meessmann is extremely excited about this new partnership with Seqwater, connecting the passionate industry experts of now, with the inspired change makers of the future.

“The acronym ‘STEM’ encompasses an incredible depth and breadth for girls that can be lost in its enormity. By connecting girls with role models from Seqwater, we are demystifying the exciting opportunities that STEM pathways can provide particularly in water services.”

While UNIQ YOU’s focus is not limited to STEM pathways, this sub-section of industry encompasses 40% of all workforces including tech, manufacturing and aviation. UNIQ YOU has been designed to open up access to a richer career advisory experience to high school girls in regional and remote areas while simultaneously providing career and guidance officers with a more comprehensive understanding of non-traditional pathways.

As participating sponsors of the initiative, companies such as Seqwater will be able to offer a number of their female staff the opportunity to ‘give back’ by advising high school girls 1:1 about their experiences, pathways and career insights. Innovative initiatives like these is exactly what girls in the 21st Century are waiting for, an exciting call to action for harnessing creative thought through diverse workplace practices.

Contact: Lindsay Khushal, UNIQ YOU Partnerships Director
m: 0478155996

About Seqwater:
Seqwater is the Queensland Government Bulk Water Supply Authority. They are responsible for delivering safe, secure and cost-effective bulk water supply for more than three million people across South East Queensland.

It is one of the largest water businesses with the most geographically spread and diverse asset base of any capital city water authority. Their operations extend from the New South Wales border to the base of the Toowoomba ranges.


  • Create a better-informed pathway to your organisation
  • See an increase in girls discovering your sector
  • Support your organisation’s D&I agenda and targets
  • An increase in job satisfaction and retention for women in your organisation
  • Contribute to  collaboration and understanding between industry and education