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The defence industry is an important job sector, through their purpose to significantly enhance the capabilities in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, space, electronic warfare and cyber.

About the industry

The defence industry is the thousands of Australian businesses, men and women across the country who aren’t in the Defence Force but use their expertise, experience and trade skills to supply and support it - they are The Workforce Behind The Defence Force

The Defence industry needs...


... to encourage, motivate and inspire those within the industry to perform their best


... to devise and adhere by a plan to meet deadlines and perform tasks at a high standard


... to connect the workers within the industry to the people of society and ensure the interests of the Australian country are met


... to explore new opportunities outside of the box, to do things differently and divide creative solutions of an ever-changing world

Expectation vs Reality

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    You have to be strong and tough

    To work in this industry you have to be strong and tough to fight and defend the country

    There are many aspects of defence

    In the defence industry there are many areas that can utilise a variety of skills and talents


Increased defence manufacturing delivers significant benefits for the broader economy. This includes opportunities for innovation, and businesses to generate scale and productivity by adopting Industry technologies and to meet international demand and opportunities.

Our defence partners