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Kate Allan

Supply Chain Manager
Manager of storing and transporting materials needed to produce gas
Energy, gas and oil
Shell QGC Business
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About me

  • International Experience

I am a proud career woman, a wife and loving mother of two small children. My career to date has been varied, through the travel industry, finance, health and for the last ten years working within the logistics in Energy Sector. Since working within logistics, I have completed a Master of Supply Chain Management at University of Melbourne. My roles have taken me from Sydney to London, Perth and my current role as Warehouse Site Representative for Shell is in Chinchilla, QLD. I have a passion for developing and supporting our up-and-coming leaders. Within the workplace, I am known for delivering tasks and projects to a high standard while being very approachable as a leader.

About my role

  • Confident
  • Decisive
  • Personable
  • Reliable
  • Understanding

In the Surat Basin of QLD, Shell drills into the ground to access gas then processes locally. It is then sent via pipeline to Curtis Island to sell. To get gas from the ground and process it takes a huge number of materials. The Supply Chain Manager leads a team of warehouse and yard staff to deliver materials to the end users within Shell, including drilling teams.

The teams record the deliveries, manage the materials and send orders to those needing the equipment. This role also manages the improvement ideas and digitalisation which allows for smoother handling of materials through the supply chain. The materials are put onto road trains and sent to the locations for use. Eight road trains a day are filled with materials and sent to sites, travelling anywhere from 30 mins to 2 ½ hours each way.

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  • High School Certificate
  • Cert III Tourism (International Sales)
  • Master of Supply Chain Management



  • 1 Dog

15 year old me!!

“It all seems confusing right now, but you are doing great. Keep the balance in your life; fun, school, work… everything will work out fine.”

My career journey

Curious to know how I got here? Here’s a snapshot of my career pathway.
  1. Landed first job in travel call centre
  2. Changed direction into Personal Assistant work
  3. Moved alone to London to work and travel
  4. Moved to Perth and joined Shell
  5. Relocated with husband and kids to Chinchilla

My employer

Shell businesses in Australia are part of the Shell Group, a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. Their aim is to meet the energy needs of society, in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable, now and in the future.