We are excited to welcome you to this ground-breaking virtual service connecting women in industry with highschool girls and their guidance officers!

The opportunity to inspire, engage and guide the next generation is about to occur, and your participation as an industry representative is paramount to the success of this service.

Your contribution is important:

By becoming a volunteer Advisor with UNIQ YOU, you are opening a virtual doorway between industry and education. 

You are also providing opportunities for girls within regional and remote Australia to gain equal access and impactful career information.

Your contribution will not only be assisting the next generation of women to achieve their goals of career advancement in female underrepresented fields, but also elevate your professional profile internally and externally.  We appreciate your commitment to this opportunity to ‘give back’ and create better informed pathways to industry whilst gaining personal satisfaction from volunteering.

In a world that accepts ‘zoom calls’ as the new norm, recent rapid technology adoption within both the education sector and wider industries has created the perfect opportunity to break down the geographic, socio-economic and cultural barriers that exist between girls and their access to a wide variety of inspiring, but underrepresented role models.

The experience:

In order to create an enjoyable, smooth, safe and beneficial experience for volunteer Advisors, we have created an onboarding process to guide and assist you in preparation for this unique opportunity.

Completion of the following agreement will make sure that happens.

There are 7 pieces to this agreement;

  1. General agreement
  1. Blue card requirements
  1. Volunteers Insurance Requirements
  1. Child safe policy
  1. Privacy Policy
  1. Code of conduct
  1. Image release form


Terminology used:

A ‘call’ refers to a video conferencing call using our UNIQ YOU online booking system.

Educator refers to the Guidance Officer, teacher or school representative that will be supervising the call.

Service refers to the delivery of online calls and related data capture for Industry.

Student refers to the enrolled student at a participating school and is to be female or identify as female.

Advisor is the title given to industry participants.

Partner Coordinator is the title given to the service coordinator from each organisation.

UNIQ YOU refers to any employee or representative of UNIQ YOU.

  1. General Agreement

The integrity of our service is underpinned by commitment to our values, adherence to our policies and maintaining the highest standards of practice. 

Participation in this service requires a level of commitment, availability and safety for all parties. UNIQ YOU reserves the right to withdraw your participation at our absolute discretion.

By participating as a volunteer in the service, you agree to the following:

Your Availability:

    • To provide adequate availability to participate in Advisor video calls, a minimum of two (2) calls per month.
    • To schedule your availability for calls at least a month in advance.
    • Use the UNIQ YOU booking system to keep your indicated availability for calls up to date
    • Provide at least 48 hours’notice when cancelling a booked call
  • Please note: UNIQ YOU does not guarantee that you will be booked for the quota of calls each month.


  • Ensure you have the correct technology available and installed to participate in calls (further information is available is available within your onboarding information)

Information shared during the calls:

  • You agree not to share personal contact details with students and/or educator.  
  • You agree to not share confidential information relating to your workplace or industry with the students or educators
  • You will obtain and maintain all government required documentation (Blue Card) relating to your position as a volunteer working with children and young people.
  • Advisors are responsible for ensuring a safe environment for the students when conducting a call which includes adhering to UNIQ YOU’s Code of Conduct
  • All calls will be recorded and stored in line with UNIQ YOU’s Privacy Policy
  • Please note: Your role is to not be a guidance or emotional support counsellor but an advisor of potential career pathways within your organisation or industry. 

Contacting students or educators directly:

  • There is to be no contact made between Advisors and Students outside of the UNIQ YOU online call platform unless a parent or educator has made the arrangements directly with yourself or your company coordinator.  Any contact of this nature falls outside UNIQ YOU’s responsibility.
  • Any desired liaison between yourself and a specific student or educator must be first directed through the Advisor Coordinator or Partnerships Manager.
  1. Blue Card requirements:

Applicants must be the holder of a Working with Children Suitability Card (Blue Card). Blue Card Services have introduced a ‘No Card, No Start’ policy which means all volunteers must hold a current, valid Blue Card prior to commencing volunteering. 

You can find out more about what this means for you and how to apply by visiting the Blue Card Services website www.qld.gov.au/bluecardchanges.

Where a result of a Working with Children Check or a National Criminal History Check discloses a criminal history for a prospective UNIQ YOU Advisor, UNIQ YOU will assess the information obtained to determine whether the individual will be suitable for the position for which they are volunteering. 

An individual is not automatically prevented from being engaged as a volunteer if they have a criminal history. The final decision as to the suitability of the individual for engagement as a volunteer will be determined by the CEO of UNIQ YOU, taking into account the Child Safe Environments: Standards for dealing with information obtained about the criminal history of employees and volunteers who work with children. 

UNIQ YOU may obtain further criminal history assessments for a volunteer at any time if UNIQ YOU reasonably believes it necessary or desirable to maintain a child safe environment. 

  1. Volunteers Insurance Requirements:

As at the date of this agreement you have indicated that your organisation has current volunteers insurance – please ensure that you advise UNIQ YOU if circumstances change.

Please notify your insurance team about your organisation’s involvement with this volunteering activity so they can add this to the policy. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this. 

  1. Privacy Policy:

This notice forms part of UNIQ YOU’s Privacy Policy regarding the collection of personal and sensitive information. 

All Advisor volunteer positions with UNIQ YOU will be treated in the following manner:

  1. We may collect personal information, for example your name and address, as part of the onboarding process. This information in order to assess your suitability for Advisor positions.
  2. We may store this information for a period of up to 10 years after the date of engagement.
  3. We will not disclose this information to a third party without your consent; however, we usually disclose this information to the following types of organisations: 
    1. Blue Card Working with Children Check.
  4. UNIQ YOU may store personal information in a digital cloud, which may mean that it resides on servers which are situated outside Australia.
  5. UNIQ YOU handles sensitive information such as contact details and information regarding children under the age of 18. It is therefore an expectation that this content is under no circumstances shared or made public and that all passwords and security or logon information is kept confidential at all times. 
  6. Under the suspicion that there has been a breach of confidentiality for any children or participants of UNIQ YOU, the CEO is to be contacted immediately. 

Full Privacy Policy details can be found here: www.uniqyou.com.au

  1. Child Safe Policy:

UNIQ YOU is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. Our company recognises the importance of, and a responsibility for, ensuring our service is a safe, supportive and enriching environment which respects and fosters the dignity and self-esteem of children and young people, and enables them to thrive in their learning and development. 

This policy reflects our commitment to:

UNIQ YOU is committed to all the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. The key principles for this policy are:

  • All children and young people are valued and treated fairly, regardless of ethnicity, culture, sex, gender, social, economic, religion and ability.
  • Ensuring young people are listened to and any concerns that they, their families or the educator raise are acted upon.
  • Ensuring that young people involved in this service know what they can do if they feel unsafe.
  • Ensuring that young persons, their families and educators know their rights and how to access the complaints procedures available to them.

All volunteers must comply with our Child Protection Guidelines and any other UNIQ YOU policies or procedures notified to them by UNIQ YOU from time to time, including but not limited in relation to:

  1. Child Safety
  2. Taking images of children 
  3. Complaints procedures
  4. Physical contact with children
  5. Procedure for breaches of policy
  6. Training/cybersafety guidelines
  7. Protecting privacy and confidentiality
  8. Procedures for dealing with situations where a staff member is being investigated for, or is charged with, a serious criminal offence.

Full information can be found at: https://uniqyou.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/UNIQ-YOU-Full-Child-Safety-Policy-Documentation-Sept-2021.pdf 

  1. Code of Conduct

As you can appreciate, working with youth provides key considerations when operating within a regulated child-related business.

Our Code of Conduct aims to protect children and reduce any opportunities for child abuse or harm to occur. It also assists in understanding how to avoid or better manage risky behaviours and situations. It is intended to complement child protection legislation, Department policy and professional standards, codes of ethics as these apply to staff and other personnel. 

The CEO and facilitators of UNIQ YOU will support implementation and monitoring of the Code of Conduct, and will plan, implement and monitor arrangements to provide inclusive, safe and orderly online communications. 

The CEO and facilitators of UNIQ YOU will also provide information and support to enable the Code of Conduct to operate effectively. 

All paid and unpaid staff, including volunteers, interns or trainees of UNIQ YOU are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of children and young people who engage with UNIQ YOU.  All volunteer Advisors are expected to act in accordance with this Code of Conduct in their physical and online interactions with children and young people under the age of 18 years.

The Code of Conduct applies in all UNIQ YOU situations, including the use of digital technology and social media.

Individual’s Commitment to the Code of Conduct

The Code Of Conduct includes an Individual’s Commitment to the Code of Conduct. Comprehensive information regarding risk management processes for the following categories can be found via the link provided below: 

  • Supervision of Children
  • Behaviour Management
  • Photography Policy
  • Dress and Attire
  • Visible Backgrounds
  • Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harrassment
  • Confidentiality of Information

As advisors participating in the UNIQ YOU service it is important that you familiarise yourself with the afore-mentioned Child Safety policies. In addition to this we have provided a summary below of key Code of Conduct points that you are agreeing to when interacting with the students. 

I Will:

  • Act in accordance with UNIQ YOU’s child safety and wellbeing policies and procedures at all times. 
  • Behave respectfully, courteously and ethically towards children and their families, educators and towards other staff. 
  • Listen and respond to the views and concerns of children, particularly if they communicate (verbally or nonverbally) that they do not feel safe or well. 
  • Promote the human rights, safety and wellbeing of all children in UNIQ YOU.
  • Demonstrate appropriate personal and professional boundaries.
  • Consider and respect the diverse backgrounds and needs of children.
  • Create an environment that promotes and enables children’s participation and is welcoming, culturally safe and inclusive for all children and their educator. 
  • Wear attire that is professional in nature when engaging a call.
  • Engage in online calls with a professionally suitable background/image.
  • I will obtain a Working with Children Suitability Card.
  • I will immediately stop working as an Advisor with UNIQ YOU if I become a Working With Children(Blue Card) restricted person
  • Contribute, where appropriate, to UNIQ YOU’s policies, discussions, learning and reviews about child safety and wellbeing. 
  • Identify and mitigate risks to children’s safety and wellbeing as required by UNIQ YOU’s risk assessment and management policy or process. 
  • Respond to any concerns or complaints of child harm or abuse promptly and in line with UNIQ YOU’s policy and procedure for receiving and responding to complaints. 
  • Report all suspected or disclosed child harm or abuse as required by the Child Protection Act 1999 and by UNIQ YOU’s policy and procedure on internal and external reporting. 
  • Comply with UNIQ YOU’s protocols on communicating with children. 
  • Comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and UNIQ YOU’s policies and procedures on record keeping and information sharing.

I Will not:

  • Engage in any unlawful activity with or in relation to a child. 
  • Engage in any activity that is likely to physically, sexually or emotionally harm a child. 
  • Initiate unnecessary physical contact with children or exhibit behaviours with children which may be construed as inappropriate.
  • Conduct a sexual relationship with a child or young person or indulge in any form of sexual contact with a child or young person.
  • Engage in open discussions of a mature nature in the presence of children
  • Discriminate against any child or their family members, including because of age, gender, race, culture, vulnerability, sexuality, ethnicity or disability.
  • Be alone with a child unnecessarily. 
  • Put children at risk of abuse (for example, by allowing unnecessary one-adult/one-child encounters to occur).
  • Develop inappropriate relationships with children or young people.
  • Display violent behaviour towards a child.
  • Arrange personal contact, including online contact, with children I am working with for a purpose unrelated to UNIQ YOU’s activities. 
  • use any computer, mobile phone, or video and digital camera to exploit or harass children or expose children to offensive or sexualised content.
  • Disclose personal or sensitive information about a child, including images of a child, unless the child and their parent or legal guardian consent or unless I am required to do so by UNIQ YOU’s policy and procedure on reporting. 
  • Use inappropriate, offensive, harassing, abusive, sexually provocative, demeaning, culturally inappropriate or discriminatory language when speaking with, or in the presence of, a child or young person
  • Work with children while under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs. 
  • Ignore or disregard any suspected or disclosed child harm or abuse.

If I think this Code of Conduct has been breached by another person in UNIQ YOU I will:

  • Act to prioritise the best interests of children. 
  • Take actions promptly to ensure that children are safe. 
  • Promptly report any concerns to my manager, the Chief Executive Officer or another manager or leader in UNIQ YOU
  • Follow UNIQ YOU’ policies and procedures for receiving and responding to complaints and concerns. 
  • Comply with all legislative requirements on reporting, if relevant, and with UNIQ YOU’ policy and procedure on internal and external reporting

The full Code of Conduct can be found here: https://uniqyou.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/UNIQ-YOU-Full-Child-Safety-Policy-Documentation-Sept-2021.pdf 

  1. Image Release Form:

During your participation in video calls with students and educators, UNIQ YOU would like to record your on-screen image. This will predominantly be for child safety and research purposes, however we also have a wonderful opportunity to showcase useful answers and insights into your industry and pathways at a later date through video content production. Your image may also be published on website and promotional materials.

I agree and consent to my image, photograph and recordings to be used in print and electronic media, including the Internet and social media platforms. I understand that this could also result in my image being viewed outside Australia.


If you do not agree to providing the following consent, please contact us in writing at info@uniqyou.com.au 

I, hereby consent to be photographed, recorded and/or filmed by UNIQ YOU LTD on the following terms:


1.UNIQ YOU will own any and all rights in the photography, recording or filming;


  1. I hereby consent for UNIQ YOU and/or its representatives, agents and related entities to Use any photographs, film, videos or audio recordings of my Appearance for promotional, commercial, and marketing purposes, whether or not accompanied by any narration or dialogue, by any present or future media or means known or unknown.


  1. I consent to the Use of any printed material in conjunction with the abovementioned Use;


  1. I hereby waive all personal rights and objections to, including the right to inspect, any Use which will be made of my Appearance by UNIQ YOU;


  1. I hereby waive, release and forever discharge UNIQ YOU and all persons acting under its permission or authority from all claims, actions and liability relating to use of the said photographs, videos or audio recordings;


  1. I understand that I will not receive any compensation or payment or any form of remuneration now or in the future in consideration for the above consent; and


  1. I acknowledge that images of my Appearance may be transferred outside Australia and stored and processed overseas.


(a) Appearance means my name, image, physical likeness, voice, any and all attributes of my personality and/or performance;

(b) UNIQ YOU means UNIQ YOU LTD, and any successors, assigns or licensees including the accommodation services and campuses:

(c) Use means lawful use and includes the exclusive and perpetual right of UNIQ YOU in any jurisdiction worldwide to:-

(i) use, copy, adapt and/or exploit;

(ii) mix, edit, duplicate, or re-use, or create derivative works;

(iii) assign, license or sub-license;

(iv) publicise and/or market; and

(v) exhibit and/or perform and/or distribute by any present or future media, for profit or otherwise.